Environmental Noise Monitors

Noise Monitoring Equipment for Environmental Noise Assessments

Noise is one of the most complained about aspects of the environment, as not only does it have the potential to affect quality of life, it can also be difficult to monitor and therefore control. This type of noise is generally called environmental noise. There are many man-made sources of environmental noise, such as wind turbines, industrial sites, roads and traffic etc. If you are looking for equipment to measure noise in the workplace, look at sound level meters.

We provide a wide range of instruments and equipment designed to monitor many of these types of noise, whether you are the complainant or the complainee. This equipment includes noise level meters, warning signs and recording devices to cover noise pollution and monitor noise levels. In this category you'll find a comprehensive selection of Environmental Noise Monitors designed specifically to make simple and accurate measurements to help comply with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. Read our article which explains the different types of Environmental Noise Monitoring Equipment.

Noise Monitoring Equipment

Castle Group Ltd manufacture and provide a wide range of noise monitors, covering all aspects of noise monitoring across a different industries and applications. 

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  1. SV258 Pro Noise and Vibration Monitor

    SV 258 Pro Sound and Vibration Monitoring Station - 3G Communication


    This is the SV 258 Pro Sound and Vibration Monitoring Station, operating the SVAN 958A Sound and Vibration Analyser with a 3G modem to transfer live readings to internet based software called SvanNet.

    This easily transportable station is perfect for a variety of applications, including the monitoring of construction, tunneling and blasting sites. The kit includes:

    • SM 258 Pro Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SP 270 3G modem
    • SB 270 waterproof power supply
    • SC 278 Cable for SV 207B (SV 84) and SV 258
    • SV 207B Building vibration accelerometer and mounting adapter
    • SA 251 Carying case for accelerometer and accessories
    • SvanNet Web interface and connectivity support
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  2. Svan 977 Sound and Vibration Analyser

    Svan 977 Sound and Vibration Analyser


    The Svan 977 is a high end piece of equipment in the sound and vibration industry, it is a type 1 instrument that meets the environmental monitoring of occupational heath and safety monitoring standards. It has extremely new and high tech hardware which allows the measurement of ultra sound frequencies in the 40kHz band.

    The SVAN 977 can provide broadband results and all the standard weighting filters and also offers a time history logging capability providing broadband results and spectra with adjustable double (long and short) logging steps.

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