Sound Level Assessment System


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Ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work risk assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work the Risk Assessment System comes with a choice of Class 1 or Class 2 logging sound meter, calibrator, case and PC download software.


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Brand Castle Group
Application Environmental Noise, Noise at Work
Features Data Logging
Weightings A, C
Measurement Parameters Leq
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Sound Level Assessment System

The in-depth combination risk assessment package for larger applications.

  • Enhanced data analysis and manipulation
  • Portable and simple to use

The meter is ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work Risk Assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work. The range of parameters measured, the wide measuring capability of the meter and the ease of use, mean that this equipment is suitable for anything from aircraft noise to lawnmower design, and from construction sites to laboratories. The Castle GA6224 and GA6226 provide the essential measurements required by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2006, including Leq (equivalent continuous level) in A and C weightings, and Cpeak. The meter can data-log any of these parameters in up to 10,000 data-memories, making it more than powerful enough for the task in hand. Choice of Kit contains either:

  • GA6224 - Class 1 Industrial/ Environmental Logging SLM
  • or
  • GA6226 - Class 2 Industrial/ Environmental Logging SLM

Every Kit Also Contains:

  • GA611 or GA612 - Acoustic Calibrator
  • PC0226-4 - Data Management Software and Interface Cable for use with GA6224/GA6226
  • Carry Case

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