Whole Body Vibration Meters

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  1. Evec Whole Body Vibration Meter

    Evec Vibration Meter for Whole Body Vibration


    The Evec is an easy and cost-effective, wireless and standardised measurement of whole body vibration.

    Evec was designed to facilitate the measurement and evaluation of whole-body vibration, offering advanced technology which can be learned easily and quickly, even by untrained users. The seat sensor, including its integrated memory, is just placed on the driver's seat - without having to be mounted mechanically and without needing any disturbing cables. The sensor is activated and the measurement thus started with just a few operator steps.

    Learn More
  2. VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System

    VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System


    Ultra-simple and dedicated to compliance of the Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, this is the perfect option for your Hand-Arm Vibration measurements with the added benefit of being able to add a Whole-Body Seat Pad at any time further down the line. Learn More
  3. VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System

    VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System


    This system is designed with ease of use and compliance in mind, making your Whole Body Vibration Assessments as simple as possible. Add a HAVS sensor at any point and make your assessments even easier. Learn More
  4. VibA(8) Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration System

    VibA(8) Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration System


    This is the ultimate practical solution when it comes to quantifying the vibration level of your tools on your site. This system includes everything you need to measure for both Hand-Arm and Whole-Body Vibrations. Learn More

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