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Datasheets and information about Castle Group products, instruments and accessories.

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Sound Level Meter Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
GA601 GA607 Calibrators Download GA601 GA607
GA116B GA216B SONUS Sound Meters Download SONUS Sound Level Meters
GA116I SONUS Sound Meter Download SONUS Sound Level Meters
GA116L GA216L SONUS Sound Meters Download SONUS Sound Level Meters
GA216I SONUS Sound Meter Download SONUS Sound Level Meters
GA116E Sonus Environmental Sound Level Meter Download SONUS Sound Level Meters
GA257B SONUS Dosemeter Download SONUS Dosemeters
GA257L SONUS Logging Dosemeter Download SONUS Dosemeters
SVAN953 Class 2 Sound Level Meter Download SVAN953 Sound Level Meter
SVAN955 Class 1 Sound Level Meter Download SVAN955 Sound Level Meter
SVAN957 Single Octave Sound Level Meter Download SVAN957 Sound Level Meter
SVAN979 Third Octave Sound Level Meter Download SVAN979 Sound Level Meter
GA507 Noise Log Download GA507
GA6224 Class 1 Sound Level Meter Download GA6224
GA6226 Class 2 Sound Level Meter Download GA6226
GA824 Sound Level Indicator Download GA824
KV005 Noisy Neighbour Kit Download KV005
Microphone In Real Ear Dosimeter System Download SV25S Dosimeter System
Noise Activated Systems Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
GA902 Noise Activated Warning Sign Download GA902
GA902SS Stainless Steel Noise Activated Sign Download GA902SS
GA904 Electronic Orange Download GA904
GA905 Noise Switch Download
GA907 dBAlert! Download GA907
GA908 Sound Check Download GA908
Audiometer Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
GA1001 Audiometer Download GA1001
GA1100 Audiometric Booth Download
SM910 Screening Audiometer Download SM910
SM930 Screening Memory Audiometer Download SM930
USB300 PC Based Audiometer Download USB300
Oscar 6 and 7 Electro-Acoustic Ear Download
Vibration Meter Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
GA2005 Excieo Vibration Meters Download GA2005
EVEC Whole Body Vibration System Download evec
GA2007 Ultimus Human Vibration Meter and Analyser Download Ultimus
GA2006S Vexo Single Axis Vibration Meter Download  
GA2006H Vexo Tri-Axial Hand-Arm Vibration Meter Download  
GA606 Vibration Shaker Download GA606
Curo Tool Timer Download GA2004E GA2004A
Hand-Arm Tool Timer Download GA2004E GA2004A
Vib Meter 320 Download VM320
Vib Meter 330 Download VM330
HAV Meter Hand-Arm System Download HAVmeter
PPV901 Seismograph Download PPV901
GA2002 GA2003 Pocket Vibration Meters Download GA2002 GA2003
HS-620 Vibration Meter Download HS-620
HS-630 Vibration and Temperature Meter Download HS-630
Air Sampling Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
Aircheck 2000 Download Aircheck 2000
Pocket Pump Download Pocket Pump
Sidekick Download Sidekick
Sidekick Kit Download Sidekick
C1100 CO2 Detector Download
Bios Defender Flow Pump Calibrator Download Defender 510/520
Gas Detector Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
GasAlert Extreme Download GasAlert Extreme
GasAlertClip Extreme Download GasAlertClip Extreme
GasAlertMicro 5 Download GasAlertMicro 5
GasAlertMicro 5 IR Download GasAlertMicro 5 IR
GasAlertMicro 5 PID Download GasAlertMicro 5 PID
Miscellaneous Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
SV211 Weatherproof Noise Monitoring Case Download Weatherproof Noise Kit
SV215 Indoor Noise Monitoring Case Download Noisy Neighbour Kit
KA018 Weatherproof Sound Meter Enclosure Download KA018
KA020 SONUS Weatherprrof Case Download
MW401 Weatherprrof Microphone Housing Download MW401
Hand-Arm Application Notes Download
GA505 Thermal Printer Download
Software Datasheets Datasheet Instrument
Integrator Software Download Integrator
dBdataPro Noise Software Download PC007
VibdataPro Vibration Software Download PC009

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