Product Manuals

Manuals for products and instruments manufactured and supplied by Castle Group.

All PDF files can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from Adobe.
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Sound Level Meter ManualsManualGuideInstrument
GA116L GA116E GA216L Sonus Range Logging Sound Level MetersDownloadDownloadInfo
GA257L Sonus Logging Dose MeterDownloadDownloadInfo
GA116B GA116I GA216B GA216I Sonus Range Non-Logging Sound Level MetersDownloadDownloadInfo
GA257B Sonus Non-Logging DosemeterDownloadDownloadInfo
GA131B Vocis Sound MeterDownload
GA6224 Class 1 Sound Level MeterDownloadInfo
GA6226 Class 2 Sound Level MeterDownloadInfo
GA902 Noise Activated Warning SignDownloadInfo
GA904 Electronic OrangeDownloadInfo
GA905 Noise SwitchDownload
GA907 dBAlert!DownloadInfo
GA113 Pocket Sound Level MeterDownload
GA110 GA111 GA156 GA154 GA210 Pocket Sound MetersDownload
GA213 GA215 GA256 Pocket Range Sound MetersDownload
GA208 GA214 GA255 Popular Range Sound MetersDownload
GA120 GA121 GA122 GA123 GA221 Professional Range Sound MetersDownload
GA112 Analogue Octave Band MeterDownload
GA301 Sound Level MeterDownload
GA109 GA206 Analogue Sound Level MetersDownload
SL8850 Digital Sound Level MeterDownload
H2 Headset MonitorDownload
GA802 Vehicle Noise AnalyserDownloadDownload
KA011 Weatherproof CaseDownloadGA504 Instructions
KA018 Weatherproof Sound EnclosureDownloadInfo
Audiometer ManualsManualGuideInstrument
GA1001 Excalibur AudiometerDownloadDownload
File Creator
RA300 AudiometerDownload
RA500 AudiometerDownload
Software ManualsManualGuideInstrument
PC007 dBdataPro for Sound MetersDownloadInfo
PC009 VibdataPro for Vibration MetersDownloadInfo
PC003 dBdata4W VibrationDownload
PC005 dBdata4W NoiseDownload
dBdata GA802Download
Calibrator ManualsManualGuideInstrument
GA601 GA607 Calibrator RangeDownloadInfo
GA690 BarometerDownloadInfo
Vibration Meter ManualsManualGuideInstrument
GA2006H Vexo HAVS Vibration MeterDownloadDownloadInfo
GA2006S Vexo Single Axis Machinery Vibration MeterDownloadDownloadInfo
GA2005 Excieo Vibration MeterDownloadDownloadInfo
GA2002 GA2003 Vibration MetersDownloadInfo
GA2000 GA2001 Vibration MetersDownloadDownload
HS-620 Vibration MeterDownloadInfo
Non-English ManualsManual
Deutsch GA501 GA607 Akustische KalibriergerateDownload
Deutsch GA113 Taschen SchallpegelmessgeratDownload
Deutsch GA2002 GA2003 Taschen SchwingungsmessgeratDownload
Deutsch GA213 GA215 GA256 Taschen SchallpegelmessgeratDownload
Francais GA601 GA607 Calibreurs AcoustiquesDownload
Francais GA113 Sonometre PortableDownload
Francais GA2002 GA2003 Vibrometre portableDownload
Francais GA213 GA215 GA256 Sonometre PortableDownload
Italiano GA601 GA607 Manuale Calibratori AcusticiDownload
Italiano GA2002 GA2003 Monitor Vibrazioni TascabileDownload
Mandarin GA2002 Vibration MeterDownload

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