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dBAir Sound Meter

The new Castle dBAir Sound Meter

Are you tired of your old equipment?

The New Castle Trade-In programme can help. You can now Trade-In your old equipment for a fantastic discount!

This means that you can upgrade your equipment much sooner than you’d normally be able to, and with the improvements in technology and developments in how new equipment works, you’ll soon benefit from the added features making you in your job role more effective.

Why do we offer a trade-in?

Electronic equipment can age and legislation can change. Accurate measurements are essential and advances in technology mean our modern meters can give far more accurate measurements. Your old meter may not be as accurate as it once was.

The Castle Trade In program will accept any old meter and use that as part payment of a new meter. That means you get a great deal on a new meter and peace of mind that your new meter will be fully up-to-date, accurate and compliant with current legislation.

Vexo Vibration Meter

Vexo Hand Arm Vibration Meter

This offer extends to any manufacturer of health and safety related meters including sound level meters, vibration meters, calibrators, audiometers, light meters, air sampling equipment and gas meters.

You won’t just be getting a great deal on a new meter but we will also ensure your old meter is recycled correctly so you’ll also be helping the environment.

Trade-In Your Old Equipment for a fantastic discount

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