How to Avoid Making THE Most Common Mistakes When Measuring Sound Or Vibration

Measuring sound or vibration for workplace risk assessments is fraught with pitfalls that unfortunately, catch out many health and safety professionals every week leading to missed hazards, non-compliance of regulations, claims and potentially devastating injuries as a result.

Avoid Making THE Most Common Sound and Vibration Measurement Mistakes“There are a few basic things that so many people get wrong when trying to measure sound and vibration in the workplace.” Says Simon Bull, Leading Expert in Workplace Acoustics and Vibration. “We see some awful examples of simple mistakes that can lead to very serious outcomes.”

What health and safety people need to know:

  • The only place to take sound measurements for noise at work surveys
  • How to avoid the most basic of calibration blunders
  • Why fixing your accelerometers the right way is so important
  • Be careful not to mix up your P’s and Leq’s!
  • Using measurement to stay out of court.

Simon is MD of Castle Group, a safety and environmental compliance specialist company who run FREE and paid for seminars, and is a very knowledgeable and interesting interview and can offer some highly valuable advice to people in the health and safety profession.

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