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What’s new with BS 4142:2014?

What’s new with BS 4142:2014 and taking measurements in five steps!

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Author: Simon Bull, Castle Group Ltd

Find out what’s new with the latest revision of BS 4142, the standard which describes methods for rating and assessing sound of an industrial or commercial nature. BS 4142 is used for the purposes of:

  • Investigating complaints;
  • Assessing sound from proposed, new, modified or additional sources(s) of sound of an industrial and/or commercial nature; and
  • Assessing sound at proposed new dwellings or premises used for residential purposes, but only where those sounds emanate from and industrial or commercial setting.

Excerpt from the e-Book

Key Differences between 1997 and 2014 Documents

The following points will be discussed throughout this guide and are listed here in summary for the interest of the reader.

BS 4142:1997

BS 4142:2014

Mixed industrial and residential areas where the source only is consideredSignificant widening in the scope to include industrial and commercial sources, all situations and noise sensitive dwellings
Assessment reference period was 5 minutes during the nightNew assessment reference period of 15 minutes at night
Single correction of 5 dB for one or several acoustic featuresGraduated corrections for tonal and impulsive character plus corrections for other features. Penalties are additive.
SubjectiveSubjective or objective
Likelihood of complaintsLikelihood of adverse impacts
Rating level minus background L A90Rating level minus background L plus A90 context
20 dB range (-10 to +10dB)10 dB range (0 to +10dB)
Uncertainty not mentioned in standardReport to include a consideration of uncertainty

Get this downloadable e-Book for free today by entering your details above


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