Customers Get The Most Out Of Their Castle Products

Castle’s new Service Log Book initiative is helping their customers get the most out of their product investment for years to come

The new Calibration and Service Log Book from Castle has been developed to help ensure that customer’s equipment remains compliant, accurate and in a good working order to guarantee that it keeps performing year after year after year.
Castle Service Log Book

As well as suitability, quality and price; when it comes to purchasing equipment for your business, one of the most important considerations to make is the longevity and lifespan of the product. This is particularly important when it comes to purchasing technology, as the landscape changes quickly.

For this reason, all new products bought from Castle are now supplied with their own Calibration and Service Log Book, similar to the booklet you receive with a car, which provides information on product, who is the registered owner(s), how to care for your product as well as future and past service information.

Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle Group Ltd, said,

Delivering first class after sales service is something that Castle take pride in, and our new Calibration and Service Log Book will assist us in delivering this service to an even higher standard.

We have even incentivised our customers to look after their equipment, ensuring it’s accuracy and functionality for many years to come.

The Calibration and Service Log Books are being supplied now with all new equipment purchased from Castle Group Ltd, including the dBAir and SONIK Sound Meters and the Vexo H Vibration Meter.

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