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The Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 are now in force – Ensure that your organisation is compliant

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere around us, and that which is man-made can cause harm. To prevent injury in the workplace, the UK introduced new Regulations in 2016 that came into force on the 1st July.

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Excerpt from the Guide

Anything that uses electricity will product both electric and magnetic fields. Levels found near many common household appliances can actually be surprisingly high and will compare to many workplace sources.

EMF fields are greatest closes to the surface of the device, and these levels drop rapidly with distance, falling away substantially over the first meter from the appliance.

How these EMF’s affect the human body depends on the frequency, intensity and type of wave, which is the regulations require measurements to be made by frequency as well as just the level.

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UK EMF Regulations

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