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    Environmental Noise Assessments Webinar

    Environmental Noise Assessments

    Download this Free Training Webinar and learn to handle noise complaints to BS4142

    Handling Commercial Noise Complaints to BS4142

    Download this free Webinar now, presented by Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle Group Ltd and longstanding member of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). Simon regularly presents to organisations and groups, providing training at the highest level.

    Do you have Environmental Noise Complaints in your business?

    Complaints from neighbours about noise emitted from your business can at best be a bit of a nuisance, but at worse could lead to the closure of your business – and this really does happen! The good news is that there is normally a safe passage through it all and there is guidance to help. BS4142 has recently been revised and is there to assess the validity and potential severity of complaints from residents about industrial premises. Gaining an understanding of this standard can certainly help with the management of complaints and also with your ability to work with Environmental Health professionals. This short webinar will give a brief insight into the standard so you can decide what to do next!

    Did you know?

    Did you know that for all environmental noise assessments conforming with the new BS4141:2014 –
    • the Sound Meter and Calibrator must be Class 1 or Type 1?
    • measurements must be taking between 1.2m -1.5m from the ground as is stipulated in the standard?

    BS4142:2014 – What is it’s purpose?

    The BS4142:2014 standard must be applied for the purposes of:
    • Investigating complaints;
    • Assessing sound from proposed, new, modified or additional sources(s) of sound of an industrial and/or commercial nature; and
    • Assessing sound at proposed new dwellings or premises used for residential purposes.


    "Very informative - clear, and great to have the relevent pdf notes to accompany the webinar"
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    Robert Hope

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