New ‘Vexo’ Vibration Meter from Castle

Vexo S Vibration Meter for Machine MonitoringCastle Group has launched its new Vexo S Vibration meter dedicated to industrial monitoring on machinery and manufacturing equipment. Being very simple to use, with a clear colour display and a robust and reliable sensor system, the Vexo S brings a new level of clarity to the hands of maintenance teams and production engineers alike.

Rob Hawksworth, Product Development Manager for Castle said, “It has been an interesting project to start from scratch and look at what is needed for this market, so that we could create something that is dedicated to the user’s needs and is clear and simple to use. We’ve already had some great feedback from customers and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve on what is already a great product.”

The Vexo S is a single axis vibration meter with a dedicated accelerometer attached via an ultra-robust cable. It has a colour OLED display, simple 3-button operation and memory for storing 1000 test results. Most importantly, once a measurement has been made, colour coded results are given according to ISO 10816 for machinery condition or a dedicated bearing mode will give an indication of the condition of shaft or motor bearings.

One unique feature of this product is that it is capable of taking a short average measurement rather than the normal instantaneous test. This will increase the accuracy and repeatability of measurements, which is essential for trending applications. Graphical trending can be viewed using VibdataPRO PC software for Castle Vibration meters.

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