As we draw to the end of the year, I think we can honestly say, we don’t remember a November so busy! It has been absolutely incredible, and of course now everyone is feeling even happier as we enter the final weeks of 2022!

Noisy November

Did you grab your Noisy November bargain? Well, if not all we can say is “snooze and you lose”! Noisy November is one of our favourite months, it’s always a blast, but a safe one. It was Great to see so many of you at our free webinar, “So, how do I control Noise at Work?”, and also so many of you around the world! A shoutout has to go to one particular attendee who took time out of their holiday in Thailand to join us. That is definitely dedication to the cause and also we feel quite flattered!

Next week we will be hosting another FREE webinar and you can join here –

My Tinnitus and Me

Our MD (Managing Director, not Mad Dog!), Simon, opened up about his own personal experience of living with tinnitus. Yes, it’s not always work related. It did make Simon have realisation that he lives with something caused through an accident, and although it may not be as bad as some have it, its heart wrenching to think of all of those who do through negligence.

Catch up on Simon’s article here –

Night & Day, Manchester

Have you seen in the news about Night & Day, Manchester? The prestigious music venue in the heart of the city, was served with a Noise Abatement Notice from the local council. The property adjoined to the venue was converted in recent years into living accommodation. It raises an interesting point about noise complaints as “being there first” is no defence in these situations. A tricky one in this case as possibly something has gone wrong during the process?

The 3 day trial started on 29 November, 2022, so we’ll be interested to see what the outcome is.

Guy Waites

What can we say, the Golden Globe Race is definitely not for the feint hearted. There has been a lot going on to say the least.

So, last time we spoke, Guy had made the decision to keep his GGR dream alive and was heading towards Cape Town, SA, again. It’s been a very slow journey to say the least. The hull, bilge, stern and rudder are now covered in the goose neck barnacles. Guy has, when sea state and weather allowed, dived the boat to try to scrape them off but not to much avail currently. He sounds very fed up right now and possibly the only course of action he will be able to take is to lift the boat out in Cape Town. This will of course see his Golden Globe Race dream come to an end, but he can opt to go into Chichester class and carry on once he has sorted his bottom! He still has roughly 800 miles till he reaches Cape Town, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news and updates!

Friday 18th November saw a devastating sinking of Finnish competitor, Tapio Lehtinen’s boat, Asteria. The activation of the EPIRB, Emergency Position-Indicating Beacon, in the early hours of the morning had the GGR crew flung into action to coordinate his rescue. Fellow competitor Abhilash Tomy was the first to respond and start to make his way to Tapio. Abhilash was later stood down when a closer competitor, Kirsten Neuschafer, was reached and she headed off full pelt to his rescue. The GGR team were also working in coordination with MRCC Cape Town. Bulk Carrier M.V. Darya Gayatri, bound for Singapore, was diverted to assist with the rescue. Both Kirsten and the carrier were 24 hours away. Kirsten reached Tapio first and managed to get him aboard Minnehaha and administer some rum! The crew of M.V. Darya Gayatri closely followed and Tapio and his life raft, was safely taken aboard the carrier, where he is now headed to China. It was a tense time and again it was reiterated what true seamanship is. We’re just so glad Tapio managed to get out of the boat in time and get his grab bag and deploy the life raft. In 20 minutes Asteria was gone! What happened, is possibly something we will never know.

Catch up here on the rescue –

Castle Training Academy

We’ve just started our last course of the year and our 2023 ones are already filling up!

We have a wide range of courses and also different ways we can deliver our courses. Check out our training website for information on all of the courses.

Surely now it’s time for a mince pie?! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2023!

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