Return Packing Instructions

When returning your rental instruments to Castle Group it is recommended that the original packaging is used whenever possible. If the original packaging has been discarded, please use a suitable replacement that is adequate to withstand normal handling during return transit to the Company must be used.

We require the units are sent in their carry or kit case and that a double-walled container is used, even for the large kit cases, with plenty of packing (such as bubble wrap or polystyrene chippings). Where cases are not boxed and returned to us as such a charge may be levied to cover the cleaning cost of the case.

When closing a case ensure that no cables are caught in the edges of the case.

If the unit is a Type-1 Professional Range (GA121 or GA123) the microphone assembly should be placed in the small black microphone box for additional protection, even if the unit has a carry or kit case.

For Vocis kits (GA131M) the microphone stem should be removed from the instrument and placed in the correct slot in the case.

Where a kit contains a dosemeter (GA154, GA255, or GA256) the microphone cable should be coiled neatly and held under the instrument with the microphone capsule placed into the appropriate slot in the case.

Software kits should be returned with the connector cable and 9-25 way adapter placed inside the slipcase wallet and the CD placed inside its respective wallet.

When returning a weatherproof kit case all the plugs connecting the case to the instrument should be removed from the instrument and the charger plug should be removed from the printer. Ensure that all exterior plugs are removed from case and that the microphone cable is wound neatly and secured using a cable tie.

Ensure the isolation switch on the KA018 Weatherproof case is switched off.

For the GA2001 kits, the KD1301 should be removed from the GA2001. The HARM block should also be disconnected from the accelerometers, though the accelerometers should be left attached to their respective cables.

The Company will not be liable for damage to property due to insufficient packaging, labeling or incorrect addressing, or failure to make proper and complete declarations required by carriers. Failure to comply with the above recommendations will result in costs for the restoration of any damage to carry cases, the instrumentation, or any associated accessories.