Environmental Vibration Monitors

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Ground Vibration can be easily measured with an Environmental Vibration Monitor

Environmental Ground Vibration can be caused by a variety of different sources, including vehicles, construction sites, large equipment or blasting. It's often required to measure and record the vibrations in line with a number of British Standards, BS:7358, BS:5228 and BS:6472. Monitoring is required to ensure that the levels at which damage affects buildings and structure aren't exceeded.

Complaints of environmental vibration can be common in residential and commercial sites that are located near to any of the previously mentioned vibration sources. Measurements in these scenarios are often required to assess whether a statutory nuisance exists.

Why is it important to measure Ground Environmental Vibration?

  • Ensure that levels of vibration do not cause damage to neighbouring property
  • Prevention of annoyance to others by maintaining the lowest possible levels
  • Demonstrate compliance with conditions