Try Before You Buy

If you're trying to decide whether or not to buy a piece of equipment, you might like to make use of our 'Try Before You Buy' Scheme.

This simply allows you to rent the equipment, try it out for a week and then if you like it, you can buy one (we then send you a new version!) and we will refund one week of the rental period in full.

  1. Rent the equipment you're interested in
  2. Try it out for a week or so
  3. Buy one within 6 months and receive a refund of up to 1 week's rental*
  4. We send you a shiny new model and you know you're going to like it!

* Refund is applied via a credit against the new purchase and not a cash refund.

* Refund is limited to the relevant product that is purchased.

Our standard conditions of sale and Terms and Conditions of Rental apply where appropriate.