Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental

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The Castle Vexo S has been developed out of the need for an exacting product for an exacting industry. They have a single axis mode which allows for simple set-up and a large colour display. There are only 3 operational buttons which means they are simple to use.

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Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental
Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental Castle VEXO S Vibration Meter Rental

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Brand Castle Group
Measurement Condition Monitoring, Diagnostic Vibration
The Castle Vexo S has been developed out of the need for an exacting product for an exacting industry. To operate successfully in the world of Maintenance condition monitoring and fault diagnostics, any new vibration meter must live up to certain expectations. The Vexo S has been designed specifically to function at maximum performance when the going is tough. It has been designed to make quick and accurate vibration level readings in machine monitoring and bearing vibration ensuring your machinery continues to run smoothly and removes the risk of extensive downtime and expensive repairs. The instrument is dedicated to monitoring vibration levels accurately and precisely in industrial machinery such as bearing housings, rotating machinery or any other source of mechanical vibration and is perfectly suited to monitoring machine conditions and faults. The meter is simple to use and easy to operate as it has 3 operational buttons with virtually no set-up meaning you can simply turn it on press Record and start measuring. It’s easy to take instant readings as it has a large colour display. Features:
  • Single Axis mode for simple set-up
  • Re-chargeable Battery Pack & Charger
  • Large Colour Display
  • Large ‘Flash’ memory
  • Rugged Accelerometer and Cable for industry
  • Only 3 operational buttons for simple use
  • Machinery condition to ISO 10816-1, 3 & 7
  • Bearing condition indication
  • Trending analysis (with optional VibdataPro)
  • Environmental Vibration

Technical Specification

Level Ranges: GA2006S (Integration = Acceleration)
Range m/s2g
Low 0.005 – 20.0 0.00051 – 2.04
High 0.05 – 200.0 0.0051 – 20.4
Level Ranges: GA2006S (Integration = Velocity)
Range mm/s
Low 0.06 – 250
High 0.6 – 2500
Level Ranges: GA2006S (Integration = Displacement)
Range μm
Low 4.0 - 16500
High 40.0 - 165000
Measurement Channels One
Parameters Aeq, Amax, Peak, Crest Factor, Velocity: Veq, Vmax, Peak, Crest Factor, Displacement: Deq, Dmax, Peak to Peak, Crest Factor
Linear Operating Range 72 dB Acceleration, 60dB Velocity, Displacement

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes

  • Vexo S Instrument
  • Accelerometer and 1m Cable
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Recharger
  • Removable Spike Probe
  • Getting Started Laminated Sheet
  • Vibdata LITE software & USB Cable
  • Carry Case for GA2006S and Accessories

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